Colladonus montanus (van Duzee 1917a: 298 )

Published in: Van Duzee, E.P. (1892b) New North American Homoptera. -- No. V. The Canadian Entomologist, 24, 266–268.


(van Duzee 1917a: 298 )

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Plant Diseases


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* Citations of Phytoplasma occurrance in Colladonus montanus (van Duzee 1917a: 298 ) have been exctracted from the database of Hemiptera-Phytoplasma-Plant (HPP) biological interactions worldwide (Valeria Trivellone. (2019). Hemiptera-Phytoplasma-Plant dataset (v1.2) [Data set]. Zenodo.


Athysanini Cicadellidae Colladonus Deltocephalinae Membracoidea

Colladonus montanus (van Duzee 1917a: 298 ): Wilson M. R. & Turner J. A. 2021. Insect Vectors of Plant Disease. Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales. Available online at [ Accessed:  28/11/2023 ].
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