Sogatella vibix

Basionym: Liburnia vibix Haupt, 1927
Published in: Linnavuori R. E. Hemiptera of the Sudan, with remarks on some species of the adjacent countries. 2. Homoptera Auchenorrhyncha: Cicadidae, Cercopidae, Machaerotidae, Membracidae and Fulgoroidea. (Zoological contribution from the Finnish expeditions to the Sudan No. 33). Notulae Entomologicae, 53(3): 65-137. (1973).

Described as Liburnia vibix Haupt. Asche and Wilson (1990) record the following other names used for the species: Sogatella catoptron Fennah, Sogatella diachenhea Kuoh, Delphacodes dogensis Ishihara, Delphacodes longifurcifera Esaki and Ishihara, Liburnia matsumurana Metcalf, Delphacodes panicicola Ishihara, and Sogatella parakolophon Linnavuori. Of these names longifurcifera and panicicola have been used frequently in the rice literature.(Wilson & Claridge 1991)

Description & Identification

Coloration stramineous or pale yellow; males have dark brown genae. S. vibix differs from all other Sogatella species in the shape of the male genitalia: the parameres have the outer process of the apical bifurcation dilating from base to middle then tapering to apex with dorsal margin forming a blunt angle (Fig. 3.69).(Wilson & Claridge 1991)




Delphax furcata Matsumura, 1910
Liburnia vibix Haupt, 1927
Liburnia matsumurana Metcalf, 1943
Sogatella matsumurana (Metcalf, 1943)
Delphacodes longifurcifera Esaki & Ishihara, 1947
Sogatella longifurcifera (Esaki & Ishihara, 1947)
Delphacodes panicicola Ishihara, 1949
Sogatella panicicola (Ishihara, 1949)
Delphacodes dogensis Ishihara, 1952
Sogatella catoptron Fennah, 1963
Sogatella parakolophon Linnavuori, 1973
Sogatella diachenhea Kuoh, 1977

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Worldwide Distribution

Widely distributed in the Palaearctic region, the Ethiopian region, the Oriental region, Australia and the Western Pacific. Absent in the New World. For detail see Asche and Wilson (1990). (Wilson & Claridge, 1991)

Australasia & Oceania
Middle East

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Vector Status

Economic Crops


At present S. vibix is not noted as damaging rice. However, Ammar (1977) reared S. vibix in Egypt on wheat under experimental conditions for eight successive generations; the cultures had originated from rice and other Gramineae. S. vibix is the vector of maize rough dwarf virus in the Middle East (Harpaz, 1972).(Wilson & Claridge 1991)

Plant Diseases


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Sogatella vibix : Wilson M. R. & Turner J. A. 2021. Insect Vectors of Plant Disease. Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales. Available online at [ Accessed:  04/10/2022 ].
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