Laodelphax striatellus (Fallén 1806)

Basionym: Delphax striatella Fallén, 1826
Published in: Oshanin, V. T. (1870). Homoptera. Mémoires De La Société Impériale Des Amis Des Sciences Naturelles. Moscou, 6: 1-72.

Described as Delphax striatella Fallen. It has also been known as Delphax notula Stäl, Liburnia devastans Matsumura, Liburnia haupti Lindberg, Liburnia nipponica Matsumura, Liburnia minonensis Matsumura, Liburnia giffuensis Matsumura, Liburnia akashiensis Matsumura, and Liburnia maidoensis Matsumura.

(Wilson & Claridge 1991)

Description & Identification

Male 3.4-3.6 mm, female 3.6-3.8 mm. (Nielson, 1968)

The body of adult L. striatellus is black to dark-brown, and coloration varies with season. The wings are hyaline. The mesonotum is black to dark-brown, as is the pterostigma on the fore wings, and the areas between the carinae of the frons are deep black. These colours vary with general body coloration; the distinctive colour of the areas between the carinae of the frons is the most stable of the three and is diagnostic. Dark suffusion on the apical part of the fore wings, which occurs in certain delphacids, is absent.(Nielson, 1968)

The shiny black mesonotum of the male, the pterostigma of the forewing and the male genitalia are diagnostic for the species. Male genitalia: The form of the aedeagus and the parameres are unlike any other delphacid found on rice. Short, sharp anal tube appendages, and the shape of the parameres and the diaphragm, are diagnostic.(Wilson & Claridge 1991)


(Fallén 1806)


Achorotile striatella (Fallén, 1826)
Delphacodes striatella (Fallén, 1826)
Delphax striatella Fallén, 1826
Liburnia striatella (Fallén, 1826)
Liburnia lateralis Fieber, 1879
Delphax fimbriata Rey, 1894
Delphacodes akashiensis (Matsumura, 1900)
Delphax akashiensis (Matsumura, 1900)
Liburnia akashiensis Matsumura, 1900
Liburnia devastans Matsumura, 1900
Liburnia minonensis Matsumura, 1900
Liburnia haupti Lindberg, 1936
Delphacodes reyana Metcalf, 1943

Common Names (full list)

Small brown planthopper
Source: NCBI Taxonomy
Source: Taxon list of Auchenorrhyncha from Germany compiled in the context of the GBOL project

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Worldwide Distribution

Widely distributed in the Palaearctic to Japan (and Russian Maritime Territory). Appears also to be found at higher altitudes in tropical Asia (e.g. Northern Philippines, North Sumatra) where it may be found on upland rice.

Middle East

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UK Status: Present

Vector Status

Economic Crops


L. striatellus is vector of black-streaked dwarf and stripe virus diseases of rice. In the Palaearctic region it is the vector of rough dwarf virus of maize (e.g. Harpaz, 1972). It is an important rice pest in Japan and southern Europe.(Wilson & Claridge 1991)

Plant Diseases












Asia Barley Delphacidae Europe Fulgoroidea Grasses/Cereals Laodelphax Maize Middle East Rice Barley yellow striate mosaic Maize rough dwarf Northern cereal mosaic virus Rice black streaked dwarf virus Rice stripe virus

Laodelphax striatellus (Fallén 1806): Wilson M. R. & Turner J. A. 2021. Insect Vectors of Plant Disease. Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales. Available online at [ Accessed:  13/04/2024 ].
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