Cicadulina storeyi China 1936a: 251

Published in: China, W.E. (1936a) A new species of Cicadulina, China (Homoptera, Jassidae) injurious to maize in Tanganyika Territory. Bulletin of Entomological Research, 27, 251–252.

Description & Identification

Small, fragile species. Length of male 2.40 mm., female 2.90 mm. (Nielson, 1968)General color yellow. Crown yellow with two distinct black spots on anterior margin; pronotum yellow, immaculate; elytra translucent, veins yellow.(Nielson, 1968)This species, similar to latens in genital characteristics, can be separated by the lack of markings on the pronotum and elytra.(Nielson 1968)

Biology & Ecology

It occurs on maize in Tanzania and Rhodesia. Storey in 1936 (773) experienced difficulty in breeding this species. Adults have been kept alive for more than 100 days on maize (Rose, personal communication). (Nielson, 1968)


China 1936a: 251


Cicadulina nicholsi Storey, 1936
Cicadulina triangula Ruppel, 1965

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Worldwide Distribution

Originally it was collected from Tanzania (Tanganyika), Africa. It has been reported from Nigeria (Golding 1946) [320]. It is the most abundant species in the high veld areas of Rhodesia, according to Rose (personal communication). (Nielson, 1968)


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Vector Status

Economic Crops


This species is a vector of maize streak virus and maize mottle virus in Tanzania and Rhodesia. Storey in 1936 and 1937 (773, 774) was first to report this species as a vector of maize streak virus under the name of 'Cicadulina, nicholsi” and maize mottle virus under the name 'Cicadulina storeyi.” No details of the transmission experiments were given.(Nielson 1968)This species is considered an important vector of this virus in Rhodesia.(Nielson 1968)

Plant Diseases


Nielson, M. W. 1968b. The leafhopper vectors of phytopathogenic viruses (Homoptera, Cicadellidae). Taxonomy, biology and virus transmission.