Reptalus quinquecostatus (Dufour)

Basionym: Cixius quinquecostatus Dufour, 1833
Published in: Webb, M. D., Ramsay, A. J., & Lemaître, V. (2013). Revealing the identity of some early described European Cixiidae (Hemiptera: Auchenorrhyncha) a case of forensic taxonomy; two new combinations and a name change for Reptalus panzeri in Britain. Acta Musei Moraviae, Scientiae Biologicae (Brno), 98(2): 57-95.




Cixius quinquecostatus Dufour, 1833
Oliarius quinquecostatus (Dufour, 1833)
Reptalus quinquecostatus (Dufour, 1833)
Oliarus melanochaetus Fieber, 1876
Reptalus melanochaetus (Fieber, 1876)
Oliarus melanochaetus fasciatus Kusnezov, 1928

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Source: Taxon list of Auchenorrhyncha from Germany compiled in the context of the GBOL project
Source: Catalogue of Life Checklist

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Trivellone, V., Pinzauti, F., Bagnoli, B. 2005. Reptalus quinquecostatus (Dufour) (Auchenorrhyncha Cixiidae) as a possible vector of stolbur-phytoplasma in a vineyard in Tuscany. Redia, 88: 103-108

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* Citations of Phytoplasma occurrance in Reptalus quinquecostatus (Dufour) have been exctracted from the database of Hemiptera-Phytoplasma-Plant (HPP) biological interactions worldwide (Valeria Trivellone. (2019). Hemiptera-Phytoplasma-Plant dataset (v1.2) [Data set]. Zenodo.