Recilia dorsalis (Motchulsky 1859b: 114 )

Basionym: Deltocephalus dorsalis Motschulsky, 1859
Published in: Ishihara, T. (1953b) A tentative check list of the superfamily Cicadelloidea of Japan (Homoptera). Sci. Rpt. Matsuyama Agr. Col., 11, 1–72.

Described as Deltocephalus dorsalis Motschulsky. Has also been known as Inazuma dorsalis.(Wilson & Claridge 1991) Ishihara (1953) and Ling (1979) give further information on other names used and synonyms.Deltocephalus dorsalis Motschulsky 1859Deltocephalus fulguralisInazuma dorsalis MatsumuraSanctanus dorsalisThamnotettix dorsalisThamnotettix sellataThamnotettix storratusTogacephalus dorsalis

Description & Identification

Small, linear species. Length of male 3.20—3.40 mm., female 3.70—3.80 mm. (Nielson, 1968)General colour light grey. Crown and pronotum light grey with light infuscations of brown; elytra grey with conspicuous broad, brown, zigzag longitudinal band.(Nielson, 1968)Pygofer in lateral aspect about 11/3 times as long as wide, caudal margin obliquely truncate; aedeagus in lateral aspect fused to connective; shaft tubelike, narrow, sharply attenuated apically, large sagittal groove on dorsal surface in dorsal aspect; style in dorsal aspect simple, apex narrowed; female seventh sternum in ventral aspect with caudal margin distinctly truncate. (Nielson, 1968)R. dorsalis is among the easiest of the rice-associated leafhoppers to identify by virtue of the distinctive markings of the fore- wings in both males and females, hence the name 'zig-zag leafhopper'.(Wilson & Claridge 1991)

Biology & Ecology

The biology of this species is fairly well known. It is common on rice, barley, and wheat and has been reported from sugarcane and citrus trees (Esaki and Ito 1954 [234]). Esaki and Hashimoto in 1937 (233) worked out its life history in Japan. (Nielson, 1968)


(Motchulsky 1859b: 114 )

Worldwide Distribution

Widely distributed in Asia from India to Australia.This species is widespread in Japan and southeast Asia. Cheo in 1935 (127) reported it from Ceylon, Japan, India, Borneo, Formosa, China, and the Malay Peninsula. It is also common in the Philippines (Rivera et al., 647). (Nielson, 1968)

Australasia & Oceania

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Vector Status

Economic Crops


A relatively minor rice pest but known vector of tungro, rice dwarf, rice gall dwarf virus diseases and the sole vector of the rice orange leaf disease.(Wilson & Claridge 1991)

Plant Diseases


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Recilia dorsalis (Motchulsky 1859b: 114 ): Wilson M. R. & Turner J. A. 2021. Insect Vectors of Plant Disease. Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales. Available online at [ Accessed:  13/04/2024 ].
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